Narciso Berberana

Strategy to honor the Environment every day of the year

10 de junio 2019

If the 15th century is considered -from a European standpoint- the beginning of the Age of Exploration, the 21st century will be known for next generations as the age where Humanity dramatically discovered the planetary boundaries (fig 1. Rocksöm for NASA 2009).

A day after June the 5th, named as Environmental Day by UN, we face some pending dilemmas to be solved. Let’s focus only in three of them:

* Economic: wealth growth vs distribution and equality.

* Ecosystems: adaptation and competition vs collaboration of living beings.

* Sustainable development: the choice between development and respect for the environment.

Actually, it’s the same challenge addressed from different perspectives. The great novelty and, in my point of view, the optimism where we must hang on is that we have viable and proven solutions to deal with the considerable planetary challenges. Even with the scenarios of sustained growth of cities -both in population and in extension of urban areas- we’ve solutions to avoid polluted emission to the stratosphere (Fig 2. UN prediction). We also know how to improve nitrogen and phosphorus cycles, how to avoid contamination in fresh water bodies or how to reduce the risk of Ocean acidification.

The question is: why don’t we put all these initiatives into practice?

We need sustainable development projects that become profitable. They already are, even more, if we avoid subsidies to polluting energies o activities. We need innovation to bring us close to solutions to what nature teaches us, with disruptive technologies applying ecological principles known as natured based solutions (NBS).

I invite citizens, organizations and companies to celebrate each day as the day of the environment, until it looks so familiar that it becomes unnecessary.


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